Quid Pro Quo

Bob McDonnell’s masters thesis argued against cohabitators, homosexuals, fornicators, feminists and welfare, bespeaking his radical stances as a future governor, though not his apparent greed.

Despite his charm and disarming boyishness, Governor McDonnell injudiciously used his position to feather his family nest, aided by his wife Maureen, with expensive gifts of clothing, jewelry, dental enhancement, alleged loans and the bills for two daughters’ weddings, evidently paid for by political donor Jonny R. Williams Sr., all in return for special treatment from the state for Williams’ dietary supplement company Star Scientific. McDonnell’s equally self-righteous attorney general, Ken Cuccinelli, himself openly opposed to Obamacare, climate change research and Planned Parenthood, also benefited.

The governor’s smooth dodges when questioned could work, considering the low ethical requirements imposed on officials in his state.

Yet realistically, a salary of $175,000 is scarcely adequate for a state’s chief executive, especially the father of five with a wife who appears to be quite extravagant.

Just one of those wedding receptions could have sent the McDonnells into at least temporary fiscal undoing.

Quid Pro Quo

The donors know they’ll be repaid—
Those are investments that they made.
To make a satisfactory trade
Is how the favor game is played. . .

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